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Wood Chest

Wood Chest


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We searched our supply channels high and low to find a cost effective wooden chest that would suit the demands of our busy restaurant customers. We couldn’t find one out there, so we thought why not have them custom made in the heart of Mennonite country.

These chests are custom built to last and made to suit our exact requirements by wood workers in the St Jacobs, Ontario area. They are constructed of 3/8” thick Canadian grown pine, have strong dovetail corner joints, extra heavy duty hinges, lid stays for added safety protection, black decorative corner braces and antique brushed bronze handles. Built with superior quality and craftsmanship, these chests are not only extremely durable but they also rustically beautiful.

Available in 2 sizes: Medium (14.5”x9.5”x10”) and Large (18”x12”x10.5”)

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