About Toys in a Box


The birth of our company originated decades ago with a lifelong family friend and business associate who started a novelty toy importing company based out of Toronto. As long time customers and friends, our family was familiar with the products and his dedication to offering his customers the ‘best bang for their buck’. Since taking over the program we kept this philosophy intact and ran with it.

Leadership of the program has changed hands within our family, and our commitment to excellence continues to grow.  As parents of two young children, we appreciate the smiles and immeasurable happiness novelty toys bring to children as well as the importance of quality products, so when the opportunity arose to take on Toys In A Box we took on the challenge and haven’t looked back since.  We have developed new processes and procedures to further enhance our company’s ability to offer our customers the best quality toys for the lowest possible price.  We are ecstatic to work as a family and watch this company flourish.  We are proud to be family owned and operated and 100% Canadian.

Why Choose Us?

Toys in a Box’s approach to buying, handling and pre-packing toy assortments is unlike anyone else in the industry which provides us with a competitive advantage: the ability to offer our customers superior quality toys at the lowest prices on the market. We purchase children’s toys and prizes directly from the source by the container load, placing bulk orders several times a year. The toys are then pre-packed into boxed assortments and stored in our warehouse until they are ready to be shipped out to our customers. We take great care and consideration when selecting the toys for our pre-packaged boxes so that each box contains ‘the best bang for your buck’, the best quality of toys for the lowest possible price. Each box of toys contains a wide variety of selection, there’s something for each boy and girl that will put a smile on their face.

Our process model guarantees all of our customers the following advantages:

  1. We have guaranteed next business day shipping
  2. Our customers do not have to spend time sorting through catalogues or toy selection lists (Simply call or order online and a fresh new exciting assortment will be sent out the next day)
  3. We can offer you higher quality products for a cheaper price than our competitors

It is a priority of ours to continually increase the quality and selection of our toys. We are confident that you will find our products a great fit for your business, so much so that we stand behind our toys with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If our products and services do not meet your expectations we will give you your money back… guaranteed.